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WIDEimageNET is a fully integrated scanning, viewing, converting and printing system for Contex color and monochrome scanners. Its Ultra-fast scan-to-disk capabilities make it the perfect link between your Contex scanner and popular software for graphics, reprographics, GIS, CAD, DTP and Archival.

Wtih WIDE imageNET software, companies can now share one or more scanners across its departments no matter their locations. The Scan-to-network feature enables you to send scans directly to specific computers set up to receive the image data. This powerful feature lets you distribute and save images directly through your network and through the internet.

Runs with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP

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  • Scan and Prescan interactivily through Overview and Detail windows.
  • Over 50 industry standard file formats supported.
  • Advanced batch scanning and batch conversion for high volume document handling.
  • Effective, fast and reliable large format printing to save time and money.
  • Print processing handled in the software for speed.
  • Full compatibility with common large format printers.
  • Ultrafast viewer with tools for post-scanning tasks.
  • Feature extraction screen for creating, editing and downloading filters for classified scanning.
  • Scan to PDF format.
  • Scan to network, also across the internet.

WIDEimageNET software is designed for Windows 98, 2000, ME.

WIDEimageNET is composed of three screens, each equipped with tools specifically designed for professional scanning tasks.
Scanning Scan and prescan interactively. The split screen with Overview and Detail windows lets you move around the image, and try out different settings while you zoom in and view the effects on-line.
  • Color modes - 24-bit true color, 8-bit indexed color, 8-bit classified color.
  • Realistic 8-bit graytone (256 grayshade levels).
  • Printed copies with B/W copy normal, B/W copy photo, B/W copy adaptive modes.
  • Scan to file with B/W adaptive and B/W threshold modes.
    RGB tone transfer curves, adjustable black and white point.
  • Brightness, contrast, tonal adjustment.
  • Sharpen/soften/blur controls.
  • Scan Window - Select a limited portion for scanning.
  • Automatic alignment, rotation and inversion during scanning.
  • Batch scanning.
  • Direct scan to PDF with option for making image quality settings.
  • Option for scanning to any scan client located on the internet or the local LAN.
The WIDEimageNET ultra fast viewer offers all the tools you need for post scanning tasks. You can work with the image just scanned or load one you scanned previously. The viewer supports:
  • Effective printing and conversion of scanned files.
  • Sophisticated zooming tools.
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment.
  • Color manipulation and color to grayscale conversion.
  • Color counting and decreasing the number of colors.
  • Speckle removal, holefilling and color inversion.
  • Cropping, alignment, rotation.
  • Measuring of distances and angles.
  • Batch conversion.
Feature Extraction
In the Feature screen you create and edit a color feature extraction filter. The filter can be downloaded to the scanner for color classified scanning of whole groups of similar maps or drawings. The Feature screen includes the following tools:
  • Three ways to view image colors - Main image, Color Wheel and Histogram.
  • Switch between LUT filter viewing and RGB true color viewing.
  • Automatic creation of initial feature extraction (LUT) filter.
  • Button tools for marking and protecting colors.
  • Button tools for merging and removing colors.
  • Button tools for inserting, importing and exploding colors.
  • Edit, apply and undo buttons.
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