ScanDEX Pro
  • Scan, Index, and Archive in One Process
  • Advanced Multi-Page TIFF Management
  • Easy Upgrade Path
  • Supports ISIS & IDEAL/Contex ACS Scanners
  • Direct Printing to any Windows Compatible Printer

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What is ScanDEX Pro?
ScanDEX Pro is a scanning, indexing, and archiving system for apreture cards and large format electronic files. With ScanDEX Pro you can scan your images, store, and index them on an unlimited number of fields for fast retrieval. Various indexing features include automatically load images to be indexed, automatically zoom to areas on the image for each index field, use of scanner's default values and macros, etc.
ScanDEX Pro supports multiple ACS scanners (fourth through sixth generation) on a single workstation to speed up the archiving process. Multi-page management is also supported. ScanDEX Pro also provides easy network and on-line access to your archives.

ScanDEX Pro supports ISIS and IDEAL/Contex ACS Scanners and other scanners by using the disk scanner, which monitors a directory on the hard disk. If it finds a raster file, then ScanDEX Pro performs the same operations as if the data was obtained directly from a scanner. ScanDEX Pro comes with one seat of ScanDEX Client for viewing indexed images over the network. For scanning large format drawings 25" to 54" wide on IDEAL/Contex large format scanners, users need IDEAL ScanOS.


ScanDEX Pro automatically queues and displays the drawings to be indexed. While you index a drawing, the scanner continues working on making the next drawing available. Scanning and Indexing can be performed simultaneously. Separate the workload to optimize scanner and personnel utilization. Through the use of the disk scanner feature, scanning and indexing can be performed on a separate workstation. Indexing can be done manually or automatically. Store your documents inside the database for easy administration or place your document files anywhere on the network.


ScanDEX Pro stores drawings and indexes data in an ODBC compliant archive in any format. This gives you the opportunity to integrate already existing digital archives into ScanDEX Pro or link to an SQL or Oracle database. ScanDEX Pro can import databases created by IDEAL's ScanOS. View drawings over the network with ScanDEX client. Multiple users may view the drawing archive at the same time across the network, with multiple seats of ScanDEX client, The user interface to the archive is easy and customizable.

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