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  • Browser-based sharing with Search, View, and Print Tool
  • Automate Document Indexing using Text Zones and OCR
  • Archive projects to CD and DVD
  • Supports many file formats
  • Print and collate to network printers and plotter
  • Run multiple databases
  • Easy set-up and implementation
  • Upgrade path to Enterprise Document Management and PlanRoom Applications
Migrate Your Paper, Film, and Aperture Card Archives to a Digital Print Room Repository with ScanDEX-IX

ScanDEX-IX is a scanning, indexing, archiving and distribution system for vast document repositories. With ScanDEX-IX you can scan your images, store and index them in a database with an unlimited number of fields for easy retrieval. Your images are stored as files in sub-directories named by index field values, i.e. project numbers. Various indexing features are included: Automatically loads images to be indexed, automatically zooms to area on image for each field, use of default values and macros, etc. ScanDEX-IX supports multiple scanners on a single workstation to speed up the archiving process. Multi-page management is also supported.
ScanDEX-IX works in three modes: Design, Insert and Query.

In Design mode you can define your database and index fields. You can link fields to areas in the image and you can create macros to help simplify and automate the indexing process.

In Insert mode you control the attached scanner(s), via direct device interface or virtual disk scanner, and perform the indexing with help from the system. Feed the scanner and index later, or index while you scan – the choice is yours. If you have Aperture Cards with Hollerith punch codes, then the indexing can be done automatically. You only need to feed the Aperture Card scanner(s).

In Query mode you can work with the archive. There is a user-friendly browser with a quickview facility where you can view the contents of the archive. You can search for records that fulfill specific criteria, make changes to your archive, version records and design your own queries.

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Browser Based Sharing with Search, View and Print Tool
Imagine enabling every person in your department with the ability to find, see, and print any document they need at any time and at any place. The ScanDEX-IX web browser-based Scan Controller unleashes the power of internetworking, database connectivity, and document rendering, allowing easy quality control of your entire archive.

Automated Document Indexing using Text Zones and OCR
The ScanDEX-IX document indexing module loads documents into databases using the fastest methods and using as few steps as possible. Text zones can be defined within title blocks to capture attribute data using OCR, or manually using “heads-up” data entry. Batch document processing such as alignment, rotation, cleanup de-speckling, mirroring and inversion can be performed automatically during the indexing process using macro definitions.

Archive Projects to CD and DVD
ScanDEX-IX allows you to be accountable by permitting publishing of self-contained CD and DVD archives of your projects with embedded search, view, and print tools. This allows the document data to behave on the disc the way it did when it was on line. This is a great idea for long-time storage of projects and documents that are no longer required to be on-line, or for the distribution and delivery of document data to remote parties, instead of overnight shipment of heavy paper prints.

Not Just TIFF
ScanDEX-IX supports many document file formats. Does your company have just TIFF files? Probably not. ScanDEX-IX supports the kinds of files you already have on file like PDF, Office documents, DWF, DWG, DGN, Adobe PhotoShop, Mr. SID and JPEG-2000 formats just to name a few.

Supports Native CAD, Office, and Imaging Formats
Because ScanDEX-IX supports native document and imaging file formats, there is no costly publishing procedure when posting a file. Files are simply indexed into an archive repository with document attribute data.

Share Costly Wide Format Network Printers and Plotters
Anyone in your company will be able to quickly assemble a document set and submit to a network printer or plotter. ScanDEX-IX even collates the job with the first page on top and the last page on the bottom of the stack eliminating costly sorting time at the document output tray of the printer.

Open Microsoft Access Database
ScanDEX-IX runs on a familiar Microsoft Access database making it easy to implement and achieve maximum efficiency. Expand to SQL Server or Oracle, when the time is right.

Run Multiple Databases
ScanDEX-IX does not restrict your application to one single vault or repository. You can setup a number of document database archives with no imposed limit on number of records or number of fields. When designing the creation of your archive database, you can determine what field attribute information is captured, or use a standard template for your type of industry. Archive databases can reside on the ScanDEX-IX host workstation or on a network file server.

OCR Module
The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Module is an add-on to ScanDEX-IX. With the OCR package and with the index fields linked to areas in the image you can extract the text into the fields manually or automatically. The OCR Package enables you to fully automate the scanning, indexing and storing of your drawings and documents.

With ScanDEX-IX you can scan directly to your Plan Room in real time. Scanning and indexing project documents have never been easier. Upgradeable to Enterprise Document Management and Plan Room Applications Extend your document management application to your partners or your business community by upgrading when the time is right. ScanDEX-IX upgrade modules are available that add notification, communication, and even credit card transaction processing capabilities to your ScanDEX-IX solution.

Easy Setup and Implementation Means Quick ROI
ScanDEX-IX can be installed, functional, connected to your data and your key people trained in less than a day. Our training programs allow you to select the appropriate method and amount of time that fit your budget and schedule, whether on-site or on-line.

Low Cost of Ownership
Our flexible licensing models, subscription options, and financing programs make ScanDEX-IX the easy choice to document enable a department or your entire organization.

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