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RasterID 3 combines the market's best image processing tools with efficient Scan-to-File scanning and Scan-to-Print copying modes operations to deliver one universal solution for everyday copy shop tasks. The indexing capability helps to process hundreds or thousands of drawings during or after the scanning process. Full-featured raster cleanup and editing tools combined with integrated direct wide-format and production scanner interface speed-up the drawing capturing to digital archives. In addition to operator driven mode, the program performs batch processing on any number of selected drawings. The optional personal archive - EDA - add yet another dimension to RasterID 3, it completes the document processing cycle with storage functionality.

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RasterID 3 provides direct hardware control, diverse scanning modes and optimal performance settings with Contex, Vidar and any TWAIN scanner, using the built in WiseScan module.

RasterID3 is targeted to the AEC, CAD, Manufacturing, GIS, and Reprographics industries. Scanned drawings are indexed by information contained in the drawing's title block. For instance, a drawing can be indexed by project, designer, date of drawing, etc. In addition, the user can customize or define the fields based on specific requirements. Since indexing is automatic the user just needs to view and check the results for quality control purposes.

RasterID 3 offers:

  • Scan-to-File, Scan-to-Print and Scan-to-View scanning modes
  • Client-server Scan-to-Net
  • Effective large image processing
  • Expanded printing abilities
  • Flexible indexing process
  • Extensive set of image enhancement tools
  • Visual batch job creation
  • Simple raster editor
  • Optional drawing archive


RasterID 3 provides a full set of tools to integrate RasterID to EDM/TDM, FM, logistics systems or other applications. Licensed RasterID for developers includes ActiveX control and some source code to provide an easy and seamless integration. You can create your own version of RasterID and customize functions of the program - as you want or need them. Raster Processing, Title Block recognition or built-in OCR engine can be combined with external modules. Also an external OCR module for non-Latin and non-Cyrillic alphabet (Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic etc) languages can be plugged-in to maximize all RasterID's advantages.

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