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JETimageNET copy software is a complete color and B/W copying software for Contex wide format scanners. It is designed especially for large-format copying in regard to speed, flexibility and production of high-quality color matched copies. With a Contex scanner, a large format printer and JETimage, you get a highly effective yet easy to operate copy machine.

Wtih JETimageNET copy software, companies can now share one or more scanners across its departments no matter their locations. The Scan-to-network feature enables users to send scans directly to specific computers set up to receive the image data thus enabling image distribution across local networks and the internet.

Runs with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP.


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  • Make top quality copies in 5 easy steps.
  • Fully adjustable color parameters for demanding copy jobs.
  • Color consistency with color matching data stored in predefined media profiles for your printer.
  • Contex RIP rendering lets you match Ink Level and Gray Balance to the printer and paper media.
  • Advanced monochrome copying with Dual 2D adaptive enhancement processing.
  • Paneling and tiling for creating very large copies.
  • Advanced nesting for optimal paper usage saves money.
  • Full compatibility with common large format printers.
  • Automatic size detection for fast and easy copying.
  • Image Filter Preview that lets you judge your settings before printing.
  • Scan to file, print from file or direct scan to print output.
  • Parallel printing for high volume jobs and optimal efficiency.
  • Touchscreen and keyboard support.
  • Scan to network, also across the internet.
  • Scan to PDF format.
  • ICC Color Management support
  • Support for ACS 4600 Aperture Card scanners
  • Batch Scan/Copy support


JETimageNET software is designed for
Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP.

The JETimageNET interface is designed to make large format copying easy without compromising the needs of copy professionals. JETimage's advanced features are accessible through the Copy Tab, Scan Tab, Print Tab and Setup Tab.
Copy Tab
For direct scan-to-print copying. All the primary copy options are conveniently grouped in the Copy Tab and will be sufficient for your most common copy tasks. Preinstalled templates for photos, brochures, maps, sepias, blueprints and normal drawings together with automatic input size detection make your primary settings easy. Fully adjustable color and B/W parameters are available for the very demanding copy assignments. All your main copy tasks, including load preview, collate copy, and start copy, are activated through convenient toolbar buttons. Option for outputing your copy to any printer on the local LAN..
Scan Tab
JETimageNET’s flexibility lets you scan to a file and later on output whole batches of files to the printer through the Print Tab. The Scan Tab contains the same easy functionality available in the Copy Tab including the preinstalled templates for photos, brochures, maps, sepias, blueprints and normal drawings together with automatic size detection. Contains options for setting scan resolution, file format and folder destination. Includes scan to PDF format with quality option setting. Option for scanning to any scan client located on the internet or the local LAN.
Print Tab
With the JETimageNET’s scan-to-file feature, you can store your copies before sending them to the printer. In the Print Tab you choose one or more of your stored files for printing. With JETimageNET, copy professionals can get the most out of their schedule. The Print Tab contains options that help your organize your copies into large sets of copy jobs that can be printed out on their own overnight. Option for outputing your files to any printer on the local LAN.
Setup Tab
Make quality copies with optimal output factors. The Setup Tab contains options for setting up your printer, defining your printing media and designing your copy’s layout with paneling, tiling and nesting. You can set the exact margins you want produced in your copy and preview the total layout on screen. When you select your media profile with a given printer, you automatically trigger optimal color matching relationships between scanner, printer and output media. JETimageNET comes with predefined media profiles for common printers and printing media and supports custom media profiles through Closed Loop Calibration.