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Hitachi Image Series for AutoCAD
Imaging and Raster-to-Vector Conversion Software for AutoCAD




An integrated series of raster imaging and conversion tools built specifically for Autodesk's AutoCAD Computer Aided Design (CAD) and AutoCAD Map Geographic Information System (GIS) software. 

ImageSeries Products

  Image Map              
Insert color, grayscale and monochrome images directly into AutoCAD.
Dynamically manage multiple images.
Scale and position images to match existing and real-world coordinate systems.
Integrate AutoCAD elements on top of images.
Generate combined plots of raster and vector features.

  Image Edit              
Edit and manipulate color, monochrome and grayscale images directly in AutoCAD.
Full featured raster editing tools, including crop, despeckle, copy, draw and erase, and color palette mapping.
Integrate image data into drawing environment.
Multiple advanced rubbersheeting tools
Raster image merge tools.
Rasterize tools to generate new images and sweep tools to clean up hybrid documents.

  Image Tracer              
Interactive and semi-automatic line tracing and conversion.
Dynamic parameter settings for specialized drawings.
Built-in rubbersheeting and image adjustment tools.
Raster element snapping.

  Image AutoGT              
Graphic symbol and text recognition tools.
Flexible parameter settings.
Post conversion editing tools for efficient verification.

  ImageSeries Pro (formerly Image Tracer Professional)              
Includes Image Map, Image Edit, Image Tracer and Image AutoGT.
Bundle package for the desktop.
Additional functionality for mapping and design.

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