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Raster to Vector Conversion
Cad Cam Services Inc.  has proven itself to be a “one-stop-shop” for all of your graphic design, drafting and document creation services with years of experience and information in the computer aided design industry,.We have wide range of Clients from around the world .

R2V provides an easy and complete solution to digitize vector data from image sources, such as scanned maps and drawings, aerial photos, and satellite imagery. The entire raster to vector conversion process is fully automatic and needs no human intervention. You display the scanned image on screen and you select the vectorization command. That is all it takes! All the lines are extracted in seconds and displayed right on top of the image for you to verify and edit. Powerful editing and processing functions are provided to edit, geo-reference, and label your data. R2V shas all the tools to get a perfect set of vector data faster and easier than any other methods.

With R2V, you can forget about slow and inaccurate hand tracing on a digitizing tablet, simply scan your map or drawing and let R2V vectorize it automatically, at a high accuracy level. .

With R2V, you can automatically vectorize maps or drawings, perform quick heads-up digitizing and geo-referencing of aerial photos or satellite imagery, and update your existing vector data sets using the latest aerial photos or other images.

You have some color maps? No problem. Scan them in color and R2V will classify the colors and vectorize each color separately; Then label the lines using the semi-automatic vector labeling tools. Have too many maps or drawings to convert? R2V's batch processing function is the solution for you. First write your image and vector processing script using R2V's script editor, and then list all your images.  Whether you have 50 or 500 of them, one command will process them all, with all the pre-processing and post-processing steps applied and the vector data saved.

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