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BÖWE BELL + HOWELL is expanding its product line… BIG time!
BÖWE BELL + HOWELL’s wide format scanner, the Infinity WF, transforms oversized documents into razor-sharp images with speed and accuracy.  The scanner includes everything an end user needs to scan in color, bitonal and grayscale.
Model Style PPM Speed*
IPM Speed**Landscape
Feeder Capacity Daily Duty Cycle
WF 36 Wide Format 12.6 12.6 1 sheet Unlimited
WF 42 Wide Format 9.5 9.5 1 sheet Unlimited
WF 48 Wide Format 9.5 9.5 1 sheet Unlimited

BÖWE BELL + HOWELL just expanded its product line to include a wide format scanner.  The Infinity WF is available in three models to accommodate document sizes of 36 in., 42 in. and 48 in. wide.

Infinity WF is easy to use and can easily fit into an existing scanning application.  No drivers or special software is required - Infinity WF works right out of the box.  Simply assign a valid IP address to the scanner, open up a browser, and begin scanning.

Converting over sized documents such as maps, engineering schematics, and architectural drawings into high resolution TIFFs, JPEGs or PDFs has never been easier!


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