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Bell & Howell 8125 DC scanner
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The new features on Böwe Bell + Howell’s Copiscan 8000 Spectrum make production scanning in color an affordable reality, even if you want to capture only a portion of your documents in color. Here’s how: with Spectrum’s superior paper handling capability, intelligent ultrasonic multifeed detection and image enhancement with VirtualReScan™ (VRS) from Kofax documents now can be scanned the way they come to you—mixed together in every shape, size, color, and form. And now with Auto Color Detect, color documents scan in color, bitonal in bitonal, all simultaneously on one system.

As you look over the specifications, you should probably note, that at speeds of 125 pages per minute at 150 dpi in color (landscape orientation), Spectrum is one of the fastest color scanners in the world. And it's low cost of ownership makes it an exceptional scanning value. What specifications can't tell you, however, is how incredibly efficient Spectrum is because of its friendly ergonomics, its built-in VRS (which cuts errors and time-wasting rescans), and its design for easy, inexpensive, routine maintenance.

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  • Document Handling: Sheetfed, 500 Sheet Auto Document Feeder
  • Resolution: 400 dpi x 400 dpi Optical
  • Maximum Scan Size: 11.7" x 40"
  • Bit Depth: 8-bit Grayscale
  • Scanning Speed: 125 ppm Landscape; 100 ppm Portrait / 250 ipm Duplex Landscape; 200 ipm Duplex Portrait
  • Connectivity: 1 x SCSI - 68 pin HD D-Sub (HD-68)
  • Environments: Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows 95/98

Throughput Rate

Throughput rate calculated using 150 dpi color
8125D-C (Duplex) Pre-scan imprinter standard
Landscape, 125 ppm; Portrait, 100 ppm
Landscape, 250 ipm; Portrait, 200 ipm
8100D-C (Duplex) Pre-scan imprinter optional
Landscape, 100 ppm; Portrait, 80 ppm
Landscape, 200 ipm; Portrait, 160 ipm
8080D-C (Duplex) Pre-scan imprinter optional
Landscape, 80 ppm; Portrait, 65 ppm
Landscape, 160 ipm; Portrait, 130 ipm
8080S-C (Simplex) Pre-scan imprinter optional
Landscape, 80 ppm; Portrait, 65 ppm
Daily Duty Cycle 60,000 documents
Optical Resolution 100 to 400 dpi
Automatic Document Feeder Capacity 500 sheets
Maximum Document Size (W x L) 11.7" x 40.0" (297 mm x 1016 mm)
Minimum Document Size (W x L) 2.6" x 2.6" (66 mm x 66 mm)
Paper Thickness 0.0018" to 0.008" (0.046 mm to 0.20 mm)
9 lb to 110 lb bond
Size (H x W x D) 18" x 22.75" x 27.5" (457 mm x 578 mm x 699 mm)
Weight 103 lb (46.7 kg)