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Wise Book

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* Books become digital in one single run
* Suitable for all scanner types
* Improved turnaround time with automatic batch processing
* Unique page cutting tools
* Accurate automatic book-fold flattening
* Special scanning tools for single page documents
* OCR – connection option
What is WiseBook?
WiseBook is a book scanning solution for creating digital books. There are huge collections of records and documents including wills, land deeds, maps, cemetery records, etc. that can only be accessed by visiting libraries, museums, or record offices. These original documents deteriorate over time with physical handling. With WiseBook users can separate and deskew book scans and multipage scans into multipage electronic documents for digital document use and delivery. WiseBook includes tools to correct distortion due to book folds allowing users to produce perfect printer ready images and mulitpage files.
WiseBook is Your Choice
WiseBook combines productivity and performance right “out-of-the-box”. WiseBook can be configured to produce output at virtually any quality level while offering the highest possible throughput. WiseBook works with books, drawings, photos, maps, or any kind of source documents. With WiseBook users can:
* Scan books two pages at a time regardless of scanner input device (flatbed or planetary)
* Compatible with the IDEAL/Contex CopyMate G18 Flatbed Scanner
* Arrange for automatic content location and margin setup
* Detect and split pages
* Correct distortions including book-fold correction
* Select scanned page image output including multipage file output or OCR post processing
* Save the set up of the fine-tuned parameter of all used tools for future re-use
* Create batch job description to automate the whole book scanning process
* Start previously saved batch automation and processing the full book using only one single command
WiseBook at a Glance
WiseBook automatically eliminates skewed images and removes unwanted fan and gutter. WiseBook is compatible with most large and small format scanners. When used with wide-format flatbed or planetary scanners, Wisebook scans two pages at once automatically splitting pages and correcting for book-fold. The same process can be applied to already scanned images. Each double page takes only seconds to scan, process, and save. WiseBook aligns the cutting according to different book-fold orientations including vertical, horizontal, or even trimmed for book-fold on a single page. The book-fold area is normally darker with the gradient incline. WiseBook can automatically correct brightness of the fold removing the gradient. This procedure can be done in the post-processing of the image after separating the pages. WiseBook allows for manual correction of the preview cutting area. All parameters of the settings mentioned above can be saved as a template file for future use during batch scanning.
Smart Productivity

WiseBook is efficient and can be used for large repetitive jobs. It can help you with thick multipage foliate scanning using advanced batch processing. The result is perfectly scanned pages, cleaned, uniformly processed, and stored in multipage raster files. The entire process is automated by pressing just one button on the WiseBook toolbar. WiseBook can be easily connected to other local OCR engines. You can connect an external OCR option tool such as the FineReader OCR Engine with WiseBook to convert scanned images to plain text or to rich text format files.

WiseBook eliminates tedious repetitive tasks by automating page cropping, deskewing and resizing to your corporate standards. In addition, WiseBook can separate, deskew, crop and resize any number of pages or images form one pass scans on flat bed scanner. This increases productivity when scanning large quantities of smaller “clips”.

WiseBook is a trademark of Consistent Software.