Large Format Scanners
  24" Wide Models
Contex IQ2490
Contex IQ2420 MFP2GO
Contex IQ24 MFP Repro
  36" Wide Models
Contex SD3610
Contex SD3650+
Contex SD3690+
Contex HD Ultra i3610s
Contex HD Ultra i3650s
Contex HD Ultra i3690s
Contex SD 36 MFP2GO
Contex SD 36 MFP REPRO
  42" Wide Models
Contex HD Ultra i4210s
Contex HD Ultra i4250s
Contex HD Ultra i4290s
Contex HD 42 MFP2GO
Contex HD 42 MFP REPRO
Contex HD Ultra i4250s ScanStation Repro
Contex HD Ultra i4290s ScanStation Repro
  44" Wide Models
Contex IQ 4450
Contex IQ 4490
Contex IQ 44 MFP2GO
Contex IQ-44-MFP-REPRO
  54" Wide Models
Contex HD 5430+
Contex HD 5450+
Large format flatbed scanners
HD IFlex
Document Scanners
Kodak Truper 3210
Kodak Truper 3610

Discontinued Large Format Scanners
  25" Wide Models
Contex HD2530 Base
Contex HD2530 Plus
  36" Wide Models
HD 3630 Color Scanner BASE
HD 3630 Color Scanner BASE
HD 3630 Color Scanner PLUS
HD 3650 Color Scanner BASE
HD 3650 Color Scanner PLUS
  42" wide Models
Contex HD4230 Base
Contex HD4230 Plus
Contex HD4230i Base
Contex HD4230i Plus
Contex HD4250 Base
Contex HD4250 Plus
  44" SD Scanners
  54" Wide Model
Contex HD5450 Base
Contex HD5450 Plus
Contex ScanStation
Contex ScanStation
ACS 4600
ACS 4600 Plus
ACDSee 10
Contex Comparison
Contex HD vs SD
ContexHD vs Colortrac
contex HD vs Graphtec
Selling Against the Competition
xDTR Advantage
Large format flatbed scanners
HD IFlex
Document Scanners
  Böwe Bell + Howell
Infinity WF
SCAN Operating Software
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ScanDEX Pro
ScanDEX Client
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